Szu-Chia Lu, Andy Wu, Chih-Pin Hsiao & Stephanie Ahn

Our super hero, Hawl's super power is to control the nature and conduct a symphony through his body. Hawl wears a dark blue robe with four Wii remotes attached to his arms and legs. These Wii remotes and motion plus sensors capture the movement of Hawl and send the data to a computer through Bluetooth. The computer interprets the data and recognizes the gestures or actions. After that the computer sends the interpreted information to an arduino board through Bluetooth. There are 12 RGB LEDs connected to the arduino board. They are attached to the arms of the performer. The computer also generates the visualization on the projection screen. When Hawl strikes a thunder into the sky, we can see a blue lightening starts from his shoulder to his forearm and hands and then into the dark sky on the projection screen. Likewise, he can cast a fire from his hand to a forest far away.

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Lu, S.-C., Hsiao, C.-P., Ahn, S., and Wu, A., Hawl, ACM Press, Proceedings of Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2011 (TEI '11), p. 2011.